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Love is a bitter pill...

They were some high times - literally and figuratively.  You met at a party, and free drinks always lead to something good, something dangerous, or sexy .  In this case, it was great.

You were loose enough to open up and quickly realized there was a powerful connection.  But here you are, months maybe years later, and this person you love is still partying but your not.  Before you groan, I promise you that this isn't an article about addiction.
Love Is A Bitter Pill

It's about connection, and what to do when there isn't one.  The point of the  lead-in here is that as people change and evolve, so must relationships.  Maybe a few years ago, going overboard didn't come with great consequences and now, it may.

Maybe when you met, you looked at life differently than you do now; you've changed but the relationship is the same.  It could be that the relationship changed and you are the same.  In any case, you must orient yourself to where the problem lies.
Bitter Love Quotes

If you're considering ending a relationship because you feel disconnected from the person you wake up next to. It may help to consider why.  It may be the path they've chosen in their career; maybe it's their overall priorities, the place they want to live or that their friends are more important than anything else - ANYTHING else...

Only you know.  But I'll tell you this: if you don't feel connected, it's not their habits, the fact that they don't help around the house, or that they're not romantic anymore.

Maybe they're not interested in sex.  All those things are symptoms.  And when we get hung up on symptoms, we fight.  And we lose.  All of us.  You, your significant other, and - if i happen to be your next door neighbor - me.
Bitter Sweet Love

So forget about the symptoms.  Look at the illness, and - if you're sure the disconnect is permanent, you know the only cure.  And the only thing you both need to drink is your medicine.

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